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Today the Internet the front door of each business. A potential customer will see your first website in many cases before proceeding to a direct approach. Therefore, it is important that the first impression on the customer confidence and you the customer is easy to get in touch with you.

Before we get started, we will discuss the possibilities and the costs so that you know in advance where you stand and where you have to reckon with. In advance, we discuss extensively your wishes and we will see if you will manage the website or this rather outsource. Of course you can always keep the progression eye and possibly capitalize on your personal preferences so that they can be processed immediately. After completion, a detailed explanation follows on how you can keep the website up to date.

  • The default service that comes with every website consists of the development and publication of the site. This is heleaal in consultation with you and may all time afterwards change.

    Comes standard with every website:
    • 6 months support
    • Advanced theme
    • simple CMS
    Every website is expandable with:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • extended support
    • Webshop functionality
  • The price of a website varies per job, that's because each job is induvidueel appeared and no website is the same. .

    To give an idea of the cost is always expecting the best to discuss the possibilities and wishes in a personal conversation.

    Of course everyone wants to know in advance which can be counted on, and therefore have a small overview indicative here.

    Personal website from € 550,-
    Business website from € 750,-
    Comprehensive website from € 950,-

What we can and can not do:

There are of course plenty of possibilities for making a website (at first sight) for free. why at first sight? Once you get really demands on your website, you quickly get stuck or there must be still an investment.

What could be different?

Simple, because we run the business personally can to respond to your every need. In addition, you immediately give all the difficult and time-consuming work off your hands and it is prearranged a price at which your website is developed.

This way you do not run into the problem that you are halfway to the conclusion yourself is that you still need an "expensive subscription" or, what is even worse, the whole thing must be contracted so costs and especially the already made trouble all pass through the roof.

Besides all this, it remains possible to completely style and customize your website to your wishes. (Almost) unlimited!

Voor meer informatie kun je een bericht sturen.


we doen ons uiterste best om je bericht binnen 24 uur te beantwoorden.

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Webcam site considerations

Lately there are a lot of questions for webcam / chat sites and the possibilities are given thereto. Of course, however, (almost) everything is possible I want to make everybody equally aware of the consequences of such sites. First we talk about the costs. To get the whole lot to work requires a lot of time. You are namely dependent on external servers that cost very much to use, thinking of € 500, - to € 1500, - (+) per year. In addition, it is cheaper to purchase a ready made design and adapt itself than to create a new design. The cost of a design are around € 1000, -. then the matter has yet to be built. The investment for these types of websites is quickly € 8000, - excluding the annual fee.

In addition, there is competition, of course, it sounds nice to have ladies and gentlemen chat, and that you as owner get money for a relatively low fee to the "cammer". Unfortunately, several people thought of that already and the supply of these services now is almost infinite. To get a bit in the market you will also have to sponsor Google to high "rank" your webcam site, that's really not going to work with only proper keywords and the cost of this will be thousands of euros per month. The focus of this story is mainly on cost and not on the fact that to build it or not subject to such a website, everything is possible, but there is going to be a price tag.